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Looking Within

For me, part of Samhain (Halloween), is what's known as the Witch's New Year.  It's a time when we honor, not just our ancestors, but the past in general.  It's when we look back on the previous year and try to "lay it to rest", while preparing for the year to come. For me, this… Continue reading Looking Within

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#SoCS ~ Ooooh, Aaaah ~ In Need of Relaxation

Life is stressful, right?  Everyone needs time to unwind and take care of themselves and that's what Sundays are about for me.  Feeding my soul. I know most people will say that self-care should happen every day, and it should, but sometimes life gets away from you.  I know it does me, anyway.  That's why… Continue reading #SoCS ~ Ooooh, Aaaah ~ In Need of Relaxation