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It’s My Birthday!

Another year older, and I like to believe, wiser. Drak is taking the day off and taking me out for my birthday. He even bought me a new dress! So, no real blog post for the day. I'll try to remember to take some pictures of our evening to share later! Blessings,

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The Waiting Game

So now we wait. We've finally gotten our taxes, but the place we had been hoping would still be available when we got our taxes back is rented. Which sucks, because it's the second place that was available within the last month where we were hoping to move to, but we didn't get our money… Continue reading The Waiting Game

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Life in the Lair ~ Update 9/27/17

Today is going to be a busy day for me.  I'm finally adjusting to the wheelchair and I feel my initial resentment of it draining away day by day.  My kitchen is very close to being as done as it's going to get without having extra money to sink into doing an actual renovation to… Continue reading Life in the Lair ~ Update 9/27/17