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Happy 4th of July from The Lair!



Here in the States, it’s the 4th of July and around The Lair, that means food, family, and fireworks!

Draco is working in the office today so that he’ll get to be home tonight, Chicklet is off, The Pain works days…sounds like one of those rare times when all the kids will be here at the same time for a function!

As for most of my day, I’ve got some housework to handle, then I get to start on making sure the food is ready before Mini-Me and Family arrive so that I can spend my evening enjoying my time with family rather than in the kitchen cooking for a change.

On the menu for tonight is Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Slaw, Baked Beans and Deviled Eggs.  I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m more excited for the food than the fireworks!

I’ll be keeping a close watch on the Furkids tonight for signs of stress as well.  We’re going to keep them inside once we start hearing them getting close and picking up.  They’ve done well with the occasional explosions the last few days (people around here start the party early, lol), but I’ll be watching to make sure they’re ok tonight and I’ll come inside with them and watch the ones The Pain is bringing from the window so that I know they’re handling it ok.  Besides, there are too many mosquitoes out there for me anyway!

I hope that you all have a safe and blessed holiday.  Remember, don’t drink and drive.  Plan for a DD (designated driver) and remember to keep watch on your pets and be considerate of our military members who may suffer from PTSD.  These types of holidays can be particularly stressful for them.

Have a Happy Fourth of July!



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